Decipher Real-Time Concepts From Mobile Sensors

Ad Networks

Use the real power of mobile to add a new layer of ad targeting to your platform

Deliver highly engaging ads for advertisers

Add real-time concepts to deliver the highest ad engagement and ROI for your advertisers.

Optimize the mobile ad revenue for publishers

By discovering the highest performing impressions you optimize the mobile ad revenue for your publishers.

Easy to integrate and implement

Our platform is very easy to integrate and provides you with real-time data to optimize every ad impressions.


Use the real power of mobile to optimize your revenue and user engagement

Optimize your mobile ad revenue

Engage your users with your highest performing ads at the right time and right state to increase your revenue.

Easy to integrate and implement

We do all the heavy work with sensors’ data so you could easily optimize your ad engagement and ad revenue.

Make your mobile ads more engaging

Make your ads more relevant to your users based on their real-time status and state.

Ad Agencies and Advertisers

Optimize campaign effectiveness and brand awareness through our publishers and ad network partners

Optimize your ad campaign and ROI

We show your ads at the right time when users are more receptive to your message based on real-time concepts.

Access to deep analytics from your campaigns

We provide you with deep insights from your campaigns to help you in building your marketing goals.

Optimize campaign effectiveness

Obtain maximum return from your campaigns with engaging your audience at the right time.